July 31, 2021
How to use Castor Oil for Beard Growth

How to Use Castor Oil for Beard Growth?

Now a days every man wants to have beard on face, a beard face looks more attractive than a face without beard. But the problem comes with the beard growth as many men are struggling with their beard growth. Their beard grows very slowly and thinly and due to which they can’t have beard on face. Thanks to castor oil which has been used by ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Indians as a natural medicine and to boost hair growth.

Castor oil is extracted from the seeds of the castor plant. It’s either colourless or has a very pale colour. Castor oil is extremely rich in Vitamin E, ricinoleic acid with omega-6 with fatty acids present in it. This make the oil anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic and anti-inflammatory which helps to clear invaders from the skin and prevent hair growth.

To get the most help from castor oil, always use organic castor oil. It should be cold pressed or hexane free oil. You can also use Jamaica Black Castor oil for best result.

How to apply Castor Oil on Beard?

Before you use castor oil on your skin, try it out on a small patch of skin to make sure you are not allergic to it.

Steps to apply castor oil:


Wash your face with warm water and a mild soap or cleanser. This helps in clearing the skin from all dirt and pollutants which open the pores. Do not use extremely hot water, in case you already have a beard that you are going to thicken. Pat your face dry to lock the moisture.


Take a few drops of castor oil in your hand and rub your palms against each other to spread the oil evenly. Massage the oil into your beard using gentle, circular motions, that gently push your cheeks up and not down. Do this for 3-5 minutes to stimulate the follicles. If you already have beard, rub some castor oil along the length of your beard too. Do not massage the oil with force.


Leave it on overnight. Wash the oil off your face the next morning using cold water (and a mild cleanser, if you wish). Pat face dry. Do this every night before going to bed for best results. As castor oil has tendency to stain cloths, use old pillowcases or old blankets under your head before going to sleep.

Other essential oil to use in combination of Castor oil:

You can use other essential oil with castor oil on beard to further enhance its benefit.

Jojoba oil – It can be used by people who have naturally oily skin. Due to its similarity to human sebum, Jojoba helps regulate the natural production of oil by the skin. It penetrates deep into the pores, and locks in moisture. It also has healing properties, that are particularly useful in treating split ends in the beard.

Olive oil – If you are suffering from dry hair and skin, this oil is for you. The fantastic rehydrating properties of olive oil helps you keep the beard smooth and nourished, preventing from the formation of tangles.

Almond oil – Same as castor oil, almond oil too is rich in fatty acids, which make it a good hydrant. It is rapidly absorbed by the hair, and once in, it helps lock the moisture inside. Its intense nourishing properties helps in treating dandruff, and increase blood circulation to the follicles, promoting the growth of new hair.

Benefits of Castor Oil

  1. With the regular use of castor oil, your hair growth rate will be 3-4 times more than the usual growth rate,
  2. It thickens the hair; Castor oil penetrates the outer layer of the hair shaft and reduces hair fall which make your hair thicker and stronger,
  3. Softens the hair by restoring the hair cuticles. It also makes the shaft less prone to loss of moisture,
  4. Strengthens existing hair follicles and prevent them from getting damaged,
  5. Nourishes the skin and promote strong hair growth,
  6. The ricinoleic acid present in oil improves blood circulation, this in turn improve hair follicle,
  7. It fights against dandruff,
  8. Provides shiny hair and repair split ends.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do I grow beard?

Beard is symbol of your attractiveness. To grow a thick and long beard you need to follow just three steps:

  • The first important thing is to let grow your beard, if you are a beginner and new in growing beard than don’t scared of patchy areas just go through this phase. Eat the right food like egg, spinach, cinnamon, sweet potato etc.
  • While growing beard don’t cut it, just trim it. Don’t trim it too much, keep it nice and long. Once you get the required length of beard you want, give it a style and trim it. Always keep your beard neat.
  • Use the right beard products, step away from normal shampoo and conditioner that you use for your hair because your facial hairs are different from your hairs on head. You need beard shampoo and conditioner which are free from chemicals and will give your beard look healthy, shiny and soft.

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Q2. Is Castor Oil effective?

Castor oil comes from castor seeds and is rich in Vitamin E, Ricinoleic acid with Omega-6 fatty acids which helps in your beard growth.

  • Vitamin E makes the oil anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic and anti-inflammatory which increases blood circulation and promotes hair growth.
  • Castor oil is rich in Ricinoleic acid with Omega- 6 fatty acids which are essential to overall growth of beard. It protects cell membrane and prevents beard from getting dry and brittle.

Q3. What is Beard Oil and how to apply it?

Beard oil is essentially a conditioner for your facial hair that makes your beard shiner, healthier and smoother. When you deep cleanses your skin it looses natural oil which are required for your beard. To bring those oil back to your skin you need to apply beard oil.

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Steps to apply Beard oil:

  • Take 2-3 drops of beard oil on your palms,
  • Rub your hands together so that oil is evenly spread,
  • Now gently massage it upwards into your beard for at least 3-5 minutes,
  • Keep it for the overnight and in morning you can wash it off with warm water.

Q4. How often should you use Beard Oil?

For better results you can apply it twice a day, once in morning after taking shower and once at night before you go to bed.Please note that before you apply Beard Oil on your face, apply it to a small patchy area to see there are no allergic to it.

Q5. Does Beard Oil really work?

Yes, Beard Oil does work. But if you expect significant changes to your beard growth in quick time you may get disappointed because it works in a proper designed manner. Apply it gently and massage it to your skin, you will see intensive beard growth.

Q6. What else you can use in place of Beard Oil?

If you don’t want to use beard oil, then the best alternative to you is apply castor oil. As explained above for better results mix castor oil with jojoba oil or almond oil or olive oil as per your skin.

Q7. Does Shaving helps in Beard growth?

Shaving will not help you grow beard thicker and longer. The only thing is you should allow your beard to let it grow. You can give your patchy beard a good style by trimming it but don’t completely shave it.

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